Mini Tools Set

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Product Overview

Small openings, tiny crevices, delicate items, and interiors of equipment and vehicles are now easy to keep clean and dust free with the Mini Tools Set!

The new mini tools simply attach to ANY vacuum cleaner hose (central vacuums, portables or hand vacs) to clean those hard-to-reach places and impossible-to-clean items, like:
• Computers, Keyboards, Printers,Typewriters and Office Machines
• Stereo and Video Equipment
• Home Appliances and Sewing Machines
• Automobile, Boat or RV Interiors
• Toys, Models and Collectibles
• Paintings, Sculptures or Delicate Knick-knacks
• Antiques and Heirloom Treasures
• Musical Instruments and Piano Keyboards
• And Much More!

To overcome all cleaning obstacles, the mini tool set comes with a crevice tool, two mini brushes, a straight and curved extension, and an adapter with a small, easy-to-handle hose. A connector is also included to ensure all vacuum hoses are compatible.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review