RF Hose Handle for Retractable Systems

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Product Overview

Battery-Free RF Handle provides on/off capability for retractable hose systems! The H-P Products Radio Frequency (RF) Gas-Pump Handle uses a wire-free, battery-free, kinetic switch that harvests the energy from
the motion of the switch being pressed to send a radio signal (a single electro-magnetic pulse) to the receiver, turning the system on or off.
The H-P RF Handle is:
• 100% Battery Free + Maintenance Free = 100% Convenient!
• Uses the same energy-harvesting technology (by EnOcean)
that’s used in Bluetooth and other small electronic
devices such as sensors and watches
• Eco-Friendly - a resource-saving alternative
to battery-powered or wired switches
• Perfect for Chameleon®
and other retractable
hose systems

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review