Vac-N-Groom Pet Tool

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Product Overview

A well-groomed pet is not only happier and healthier, it can make your home healthier, too!

The new Vac-N-Groom Pet Tool quickly removes all loose and unwanted hair from a pet, while vacuuming it up at the same time-- keeping a home shed-free! It also captures allergens (pet dander) to prevent them from spreading throughout a home, creating a healthier home and helping those with allergies.

The durable, soft rubber bristles on the pet brush provide gentle grooming and more comfort for both dogs and cats-- it's almost like they're getting a massage! Plus, the bristles remove deeper hair, unwanted matting and debris from a pet's coat while distributing natural oils thoughout to keep it cleaner and healthier. Now it's simple to groom a pet, just attach the new pet brush to any central vacuum or canister vacuum with a standard 1-1/4" hose diameter!


  • 360 degree swivel neck for better maneuvering & easier grooming
  • Ergonomically designed grip for comfortable use
  • Air-relief switch is conveniently located on handle for single hand control-- the ability to adjust air flow allows for greater pet comfort
  • Removable bristle head if cleaning is needed
  • Durable, yet bendable rubber bristles are gentle enough for small or sensitive pets, but sturdy enough for deep grooming of large, long haired dogs
  • Fits any 1-1/4" diameter vacuum hose


(No reviews yet) Write a Review